Stay With Me Lord

from by Lord Baldwin

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Stay With Me Lord

There’s no getting around the fact that I resist changing who I am;
You know I go my own way; not really following any of them.
I know it’s my choices that hold me here fast
and no excuses or apologies can justify my past.
Difficult, challenging? You know I am, but to be fair,
I do have my moments where I’m trying hard to get there.
So, stay with me Lord and forgive me as I fall,
I’m still trying to get it right, after all.

Too many times I’m at the crossroads of my fate
deciding to go left or right, or to go forward on the straight.
And after having traveling so many miles; I have to know fully well
that there’ll be a reckoning for me for all of the times I fell.
Am I just slow? Why do I feel the need to return or go
back to what I’m sure will not end up edifying my soul?
But please stay with me Lord, if for no other reason than that I believe
that I’ll be needing you more than ever, to succeed.

With so many choices on earth to see, to do, to think
sometimes being down here we get ourselves out of balance and sync.
I need a mentor; to guide me back to the true reality
they I am here right now, for a reason; to live, to love,
to make mistakes but to learn and perfect my agency.

Seems I’m always finding myself looking over to where I should be
wondering what I gotta do to finally get myself set free.
When suddenly I’m in trouble; and pretty sure what it’s all about
it’s then that I need to break free, to change course and to get out.
I feel a disturbance coming and I’m not ready to make the stand
I’m weak but I’m not unwilling to reach out and take your hand.
So, stay with me Lord; I’m in the middle of this eternal fight
and I could use you in my corner tonight.


from E C C E N T R I C I T Y, released December 24, 2016



all rights reserved