Unkind Words

from by Lord Baldwin

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Unkind Words

There are times we get tired or lazy;
say what thoughtless things come to mind,
with angry messages unsure and hazy
as emotions dictate whatever feelings we find.
It is so easy to transfer in your dealings
that passion that like smoke and fire flies about;
but we never do good, conveying feelings
when unkind words come out.

we get stressed out, we're under the gun;
we've no time, things close in, we're at a loss,
a friend tries to help but isn't fast enough to get it done
so we yell back to get our point across.
As soon as it leaves our lips, we know it's wrong
but saying sorry admits frailty and doubt;
so our silence only reinforces our strong
obligation when unkind words come out.

Why do we think hurting another is okay,
verbally lash out at another that's offering a hand?
Maybe to be cunning or clever in some way,
saying things we’d like to believe they won't understand.
But who's fooling who when we know that they know,
that we've thoughtlessly followed down some hopeless route;
as insensitivity removes compassion to show
the harm when unkind words come out.

You feel driven to say things like you don’t care;
it feels smart coming out of your head,
but it’s no sooner voiced and is it out there
before you regret the careless words that were said.
And that hurt you bring about with this sad business
lingers on, as they question what you're all about
till you finally atone and ask forgiveness
for those unkind words come out.


from E C C E N T R I C I T Y, released December 24, 2016



all rights reserved