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Maybe one of my favorite tracks,
"The Geezer" speaks of a person living in a new world full of the younger society that have dismissed, forgotten or reject the older wiser generation. The words reflect the older person's attitude, whereby they see their imperfections, impatience, less-than-accepting and sometimes intolerable actions, yet seeing the person that they have become, they knowingly (and proudly) embrace their beliefs and qualities\inequalities they're endowed with as a shield and sword to face (and battle) the life and bureaucratic environment they now have to live in.


The Geezer

Yes indeed, it appears that he has arrived,
somewhat of an eccentric, unpleasant man,
who at times, looks odd or acts a bit strangely
winging it per say with his uncertain game plan.
Aware of the subtle whisperings as he works the room;
looking slightly bored, still, they’re all being ignored
by the geezer.

Oh, he can be tactfully affable at times,
but he can be equally rude and contrary just the same;
ill-disposed, he’s adverse to sudden changes,
but adaptable to make the deal when there’s no other way.
He kicks and screams, as he’s dragged through bureaucracy,
they love being unfair, annoying and poking the bear;
poking the geezer.

Indeed, he is a bit of an embarrassment,
to some that don’t know him, as well as some who do.
But his secret to the good life is to be who he is;
in what life he has been given to travel through.
Slightly tripping over pointless formalities,
creating chaos in his path, to see how they react
to the geezer.

Some say they think he’s morally dubious;
that he’s from a low social class, on the climb.
They may be close, but he’s not letting on or getting upset
over what people have said about him over time.
After all, space and time in the universe is changing,
reality has no real fix, and is always playing tricks
on the geezer.

He offers no apologies for his apparent offenses
after all, he’s just an old guy in your peripheral view, passing by;
he’s on the last verse of his song, you won’t be bothered for too long
by the geezer.


from E C C E N T R I C I T Y, released December 24, 2016



all rights reserved