Not In Such A Hurry

from by Lord Baldwin

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Not In Such A Hurry

Getting up in the morning, grab my guitar, and sitting on the bed;
I strum a few chords and hum a little tune
that’s rambling through my head.
There was a time before retirement,
the clock was pushing me out the door
but lately, I’m not in such a hurry anymore.

There I was frustrated, impatiently waiting in that line;
scheming to shave off a second here and there
to get back what was mine.
Justifying my crazy life by writing songs about being poor,
but now, I’m not in such a hurry anymore.

Driving down the freeway, so many cars speeding to and fro,
passing me on both sides, everyone in such a rush to go.
Riding too close, stepping on the brakes,
stomping the gas pedal to the floor,
glad that I’m not in such a hurry anymore.

Used to be, I’d be worrying about having enough time to get things done
dashing here, there and everywhere,
and seemed I was always under the gun.
But now, all that really matters is family being together forever more
and, I’m not in such a hurry anymore.

Going from “A” to “B,” used to have to look for the quickest route,
going to work, going back home; the fastest way to get in and out.
Now, I’m taking less-traveled roads, and I’m more relaxed than ever before
and I’m not in such a hurry anymore.

There was always something happening that I had to get to on time;
in my haste I could be rude or impolite pursuing that nickel and dime;
then afterwards, in retrospect, I’d wonder what I was doing all this stuff for,
thankfully, I’m not in such a hurry anymore.

I guess there’s a frame of mind
we all have to have when we’re in the game;
Scheduled routines are followed at work so results are always the same.
But I can see things now from a distance
as I look down at that useless war,
I’m glad, I’m not in such a hurry anymore.

Guy on a motorcycle riding my bumper, being an obnoxious jerk,
As he’s flashing his lights impatiently; I figure he’s kind a late for work.
So, I pull over to the side to let him pass, hoping he’s not too sore,
Thankful, I’m not in such a hurry anymore.


from E C C E N T R I C I T Y, released December 24, 2016



all rights reserved