More Of The Same

from by Lord Baldwin

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More Of The Same

More of the same, just a different disguise,
searching for the truth through all of the lies.
Meet the new boss; he’s same as the old,
just a little more callous, and crafty and cold.
The classic signs come from way back when,
but it looks like we did get fooled again.
No need to point fingers at someone to blame,
cause it’s our own fault – it’s more of the same.

More of the same, just drawing bigger flies,
the choice is no choice and the prize is no prize.
They cry social justice, and display their cure,
while the rich get richer and the poor stay poor.
We want to relate to the words we hear
but they sound too perfect to hold so dear.
It all boils down to who plays a better game,
then it’s, “Let’s get down to business” to more of the same.

More of the same, and it never ends
like a torch passed on between sordid friends.
It’s hard to know which is worse, to accept or deny,
them lying to us or us letting them lie.
It’s all such an art, how can we relate
while we’re so caught up and we can’t see the fate?
We’re drawn down the path by the face and a name,
promising the moon,… yeah?
but given more of the same.
More of the same.
Yeah, that’s all we get; a lot of more of the same.
Come on,…


from E C C E N T R I C I T Y, released December 24, 2016



all rights reserved