Don't Give Yourself Away

from by Lord Baldwin

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Hey folks, this is Lord Baldwin
I thought I might try something new with this album and give you some background on some of the songs included here.
"Don't Give Yourself Away" reflects the gradual realization that we all need to maintain a sense of dignity as we grow older, and perhaps in maintaining a strong sense of who we are, we can continue to find happiness and purpose in life.


Don't Give Yourself Away
Sure you're far from being perfect but you're improving your score.
Ain't it good that no one's watching as that plate just hit the floor?
Sometimes it feels like faking it and you've no remedy or cure
as your smile brings on suspicion
and they kind a guess that you're not really sure.
Ain't we all a work in progress getting better every day;
and you're graceful as you stumble,
so don't give yourself away.
Everybody makes mistakes, but you're getting more than your share
of the “pick your self up,” “start over again,”
and you’re determined to get there.
Sometimes you kind a wonder is this age thing catching up with me.
as your smile brings on a sadness
of what someday might come to be.
the hand is quicker than the eye, they're all looking the other way;
and you know your secret's safe with me,
so don't give yourself away.
Worn down, failing, dignity exposed,
and to humbly accept that you're getting old can be such a test;
yes, still you're learning, as your life is turning,
and your heart is burning as you keep giving it your best.
Sleight of hand, twist of the wrist; and some things fall into place.
You have to think, Hey, wow man, seeing your own self face to face.
Falling down builds character but you gotta pick yourself up again.
As your smile brings on a sense of hope
and you remember where you've been.
Regrets and disappointments can be saved for some other day
Right now they're looking at you like you know what you're doing,
so don't give yourself away.


from E C C E N T R I C I T Y, released December 24, 2016



all rights reserved